Monday, June 22, 2009

Traveling Baby!

Mr. Nava Jones (aka Siiah), is now six Months old! Time is flying by, and he is a healthy baby boy, weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds. He has been traveling, with his family, he flew twice to Minnesota. Where he met his O cousins. Aaron, Lizzy, Isaac, Elijah, and Ethan. His Aunt and Uncle, and his Grandma and Grandpa Harris were there too! Salt Lake City was a short trip but very enjoyable. As of the 20th this Month, he is visiting his V cousins, Caleb, Maya, and Emma. His Aunt Sarah, can't stop talking about him. She thinks that he is a very cute baby.

He has been given a new nickname, by his doctor, Tanker. The doctor informed his parents that he may be a tall boy. And that he should start eating some baby cereal. (Molly
disagreed strongly) Dr. Goldson also suggested that he should start sleeping in his own bed. (Mike has ignored the suggestion) Siiah enjoys his feedings and loves to fall asleep in between his parents at night.

He has done many activities that are helpful for his development. For example, walks around the neighborhood, visiting the Denver Zoo, a road trip, several flights, swimming with his sister Tevtev and his Papa, tasted ice cream, apple sauce and baby cereal, plenty of grocery trips, movie theater, watch and fell asleep to the NBA playoffs, picnics at the park and at home, has listened to Andrea Bocelli Jack Johnson Samuel Barber and Cepillin, sits with his family for dinner every time, rides around town with classical music playing in the background, loves to play peek-a-boo with himself in front of the mirror, and enjoys his baby jumper.

" Te quiero, mi changito gordito, y te extra├▒o tambien! "

Sunday, March 22, 2009

11 weeks and counting

Siiah got his 2 Month old Vaccinations today, as most of you may well know, he is cranky. His mom is sick which unfortunately got him sick. He is doing wonderful. He now recognizes his dad, mom, and sister.and laughs at the family dogs. He rode sisters bike with his Dad yesterday.

He couldnt help himself when his mother was eating chocolate and wanted some for himself.

Official Weight today...... 13 lbs 10oz
Mom and Dad have decided that he will be a trilingual baby. Sister is teaching him sign, Dad, spanish and Mom , English. He now wears size 3-6 months clothes and some 6 months.And his mullet is still not going anywhere.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Siiah, now 9 weeks old!

The "Chunky Monkey", is continuing to grow. He has made an awesome journey, so far, and is now cruising in 3-6 month old clothes. He's starting to recognize his name. Which makes everyone around him laugh. You can start a conversation with him, and he will, with the best of his ability, talk back to you. He laughs constantly, especially in the mornings, He enjoys car rides, and his new baby swing, which Molly, thinks is a god-send. On the 28th of February, he met his overjoyed Abuelita Rosalin, and she pointed out his facial features. Next week, he will once again, be overwhelmed because he will be introduced to more of his family, including his Abuelito.

p.s. The State of Colorado has made it official, and produced a birth certificate. And it reads his full name
Siiah Joaquin Ameleki Nava Jones.

Monday, January 12, 2009

siiah's journey

Siiah is growing! If you look at his baby face, you would see that it is getting round, it is filling up with life, he is starting, just now, to be awake more. His eyes wondering around his surroundings, scanning. He is now pooping more frequently, and his outfits are in constant rotation. His first car ride was to the doctor's office for his first baby check-up. The pediatrician approved of his health and only requested that he should have some time with the sun. His Grandmother, was very kind, and made him two special receiving blankets and a heavy quilt all made with very bright colors.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Siiah Joaquin Amaleki Nava Jones

His birth was Mike's first and Molly's second. Tevia's first sibling, a brother, born January 3, 2009 at 4:54pm. He hung on for dear life inside the womb, but Molly was ready to let go. They unwrapped the umbilical cord three times, 3 times!!! He sure is healthy, 8lbs and 1oz was the official weight. 21 and 1/8 inches long. He is feeding almost every 2 hours and the extra skin around his belly button is transforming into dead skin. His family is very proud of his progress. And we think that he is a handsome "little man".